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Mercury Condo Insurance in Arizona

Condominiums are popping up everywhere from Phoenix to Tucson to Flagstaff and Mercury Insurance wants to make sure that you're getting the personalized policies and rates that every Arizona resident deserves. With local agents in your area, that understand the unique needs of a condo owner, you can feel assured Mercury has your back.

Arizona Products

The Condo Coverage Arizona Needs:

Not only do condo owners have different needs than those who rent or are homeowners, we understand that an Arizona resident will have separate needs than someone else across the country. For example thunderstorms, monsoons, and microburst winds are all too familiar to an Arizona resident but might not be a concern for someone in the Mid-West. As well, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety there were over 40,000 burglaries at home residencies totaling over 100 million dollars worth of stolen value and damages in 2011. There were over 11,000 larceny and theft cases reported which happened inside buildings, including condominiums.

That's why, with local Mercury agents, we can ensure your policies cover lost valuables from weather and theft specific to your area. Take a look at some of the coverage options we offer to help you feel secure in your home.

Personal Property:

Provides coverage for your household items in the event of fire, theft or other covered loss. Did you know that most condo association policies don’t provide coverage for your personal belongings?

Additional Personal Property:

Provides additional coverage for antiques, fine art, jewelry and other valuables.


Provides coverage for fixtures and improvements, such as cabinets, flooring and lighting, as well as other free standing structures that may not be covered by your condo association’s policy.

Loss Assessment:

Provides additional coverage in the event your condo association levies an assessment on each condo owner to make common area repairs for a covered loss.

Additional Living Expenses:

Provides coverage for living expenses if your condo becomes uninhabitable as a result of a covered loss.

Personal Liability Protection:

Pays for bodily injury or property damage caused to others as a result of a covered incident.

Medical Payments to Others:

Pays medical expenses for your guests who are accidentally injured on your property.

Workers’ Comp Coverage:

Pays medical expenses for your personal part-time employees, such as nannies or maids, who are injured on the job.

Condos Rented to Others:

Provides liability and contents coverage on your condo when you rent it to others.

Discounts for Arizona Residents:

Don't forget that discounts on policies and coverage are offered for those who buy smart. Many Arizona condos come with added safety measures and structural advancements that allow for a higher security of protection. When buying a condo, whether it is in Phoenix or New River, Prescott or Kingman, be aware that the more protection your condo comes with, the better rates we can provide. Ask you local Mercury agent about these and other discounts when considering Condo insurance.

  • Multi-Policy (Auto + Condo)
  • Gated Community
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Security Monitoring
  • Selecting a higher deductible.

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